Our Team

Nine travel brands and 350 motivated team members are united through Travel Connect. We are experts in our destinations and passionate about our services, as we connect visitors with nature, culture and history.

Our Team

Our Management Team

Ásberg Jónsson
Chief Executive Officer - CEO
Kristjana Milla Snorradóttir
Chief People Officer - CPO
Davíð Harðarson
Chief Financial Officer - CFO
Sandra Guðmundsdóttir
Chief Accounting Officer - CAO
Greg Perkins
Chief Marketing Officer - CMO
Hlynur Hauksson
Chief Technology Officer - CTO
Ylfa Thordarson
Chief Improvement Officer - CIO

Our Brand Managers

Anton Wei

CEO senlinmao

Bjarni Hrafn Ingólfsson

CEO Terra Nova

Carolina Castillo

CEO Iceland Tours

Baldur Knútsson

Corivo Managing Director

Helgi I. Eysteinsson

CEO Iceland Travel & Nine Worlds

Lisa Zacchia

CEO Iceland Unlimited

Sigfús Steingrímsson

CEO Nordic Visitor

Steinunn Eva Björnsdóttir

Hotel Manager Magma Hotel